Online Services

You’re driven to serve the majestic Cate McQueen but are unable to meet her in person…no matter. Join me in my online playground.   

Anal Stretching 

Yearning to work on your gape so that you can truly please Me when you have the chance to grace Me with your presence? You will be introduced to a plethora of girths and lengths for your training and my amusement. You will crave my encouragement as you squat for me and thank your Mistress for helping you meet your stretch challenges. Don’t have your own toys? I’ll curate a bespoke selection to challenge your willing hole.  

Custom Clips 

I am an Artist. I’ll turn your twisted fantasies into a custom clip or personalised clip. Imagine having Me all to yourself and getting to play my clips over and over again. My specialities are [-].  

Key holding  

You can admit it. You’re already dreaming about me controlling your encased genitals. Your intense desire to offer control of your orgasms to me is understandable. I will take control of your chastity device for a negotiated period either by holding the key, use of a sealed envelope, plastic locks or through a safe device. You will check in regularly to please your Queen. A locked cock always makes me smile and making me smile often gets rewarded. Weekly tasks, random checks, tease and denial, supervised orgasms or edging are all in play.  

Do not cross me though. A broken or tampered lock will result in a fine, extension of chastity, and my whim to punish you as I please.  

Remote Rule 

Have a remote operated toy? Give me control and I’ll edge you to oblivion. With the wonders of modern technology, I can dominate you with the touch of a button. Think you have enough self-control as I whisper in your ear?  

Pantie Pleasures 

Savour my majestic scent? My used underwear can be posted to you for your pleasure and intoxication. We can choose a pair of kinky knickers together if you’d like.  

Sissy Sessions 

There is no need to hide your wish to be emasculated and feminised. I will transform you into the princess you wish to be with make-up sessions, choosing your wardrobe, encouragement, and humiliation (especially when they are the same thing).  

Anything else… 

Of course! I will discuss any burning desire or kink that you’re itching to explore. Tell me your debauched delights Confess your depraved desires. Let’s make those dreams a reality.   


  1. l just beg to say hi Mistress, l can only dream at being at your feet dressed head to toe in one of your stunning catsuits and boots as l beg to serve, obey and amuse you in anyway you wish. l can only dream as it does not help that l live so far yet l submit my interest with online services. l be interested in a phone booking or video or anything that suits you Mistress. Otherwise l will show my support from far and thank you for the stunning pics and videos and wish you the best of health . Stay smiling ! Slave Stuart from Scotland


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